Run Cloud Native applications with confidence

The world of IT is going containerized to enable businesses to have great ideas become great digital services. Datalounges, the container operations company, makes this possible quickly and reliably.

Cost effective Infrastructure-as-a-Service

A high performance IaaS Cloud with easy to use self service interface, where you can run and maintain your infrastructure the way you want. Tuuli Cloud also includes a powerful web hosting service with options for a horizontally scalable and containerized deployment or a reliable virtual machine with WordPress.

Run containers with confidence

Rapid deployment of managed Kubernetes cluster solutions for test, development or production. Make Tuuli Managed Kubernetes -service a home of your cloud native business applications or support your development and testing with pop-up clusters. Tuuli also makes an excellent option for a recovery site if disaster strikes.

Visualize IT resources across Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Collect logs, get metrics and monitor your containers, virtual machines and storage across Public and Private clouds. Get your Multi and Hybrid Cloud resources including Kubernetes under control with R4DAR.

Get deploying containers under control

A combination of best practices and technology that implements a container adoption solution. Kiubit DevSecOps includes the necessary policies and technologies to consume containers with controls in place. Kiubit DevSecOps glues together Dev and Ops, but allows Dev’s have their agility and Ops get containers under control

Make Kubernetes platforms easy

A Container as a Service platform deployable in any Public or Private Cloud infrastructure. Build your own Kubernetes on premise capacity or harmonize your Kubernetes infrastructure across the Multi Cloud. Enable your Hybrid Cloud scenarios for containers with Kiubit Platform.

Let the expert lead to success

Expert level architecture planning, deployment capability, maintenance services and support for Ceph, Kubernetes, Linux, Automation, Openstack and Container orchestration services.

SUSE | Datalounges Partnership

Datalounges is a Gold Partner of SUSE—SUSE works with partners and communities across the globe to deliver enterprise-grade, open source software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions. For our customers, the SUSE Gold Partner status of Datalounges verifies that we have the needed certified competencies to help you obtain, build, and manage complex open source solutions.

Newest cases

KETO Software
Case study 1

KETO Software

KETO Software taps to R4DAR service for compliance and cloud observability Keto Software – the Return On Innovation company is

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Case study 2


Cloudworks is a Norwegian based consultancy firm securing the digitalization of companies with Identity Governance, Digital Transformation, and Information Security.Cloudworks

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Kim Aaltonen

Managing Director

Pekka Lindqvist Datalounges Sales Director

Pekka Lindqvist

Sales Director

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Ivar Lyse

Country Manager

How to

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Industry’s leading Kubernetes management platform, Rancher, has just got updated to version 2.6. New Rancher has loads of new features

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Containers for people in a hurry -training

According to a Datalounges study in 2020 containers are not just up and coming, but likely to be a valuable

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Tuuli Cloud onboarding for self-service Managed Private Cloud

Tuuli Cloud is a flexible, high performance cloud environment based on Openstack Technology. Formerly known as Datalounges Cloud, we wanted

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