Tuuli Managed Kubernetes Service

At Tuuli it is easy to get access to the power of Kubernetes. Let Datalounges experts manage your Kubernetes platform for you and deploy cloud native applications without the trouble of setting up container orchestration. You can choose to ask for Datalounges to just provide you with access to Kubernetes and let us do the heavy lifting of setting up the services the way you want or we let you have access to Openstack and have you deploy pop-up clusters at your own pace.

Tuuli Manager Kubernetes comes with container and infrastructure monitoring and best of all, if you want you can have your own administration access to the cluster and run Kubernetes the way you want.

Easy access to Kubernetes services

Scalable and Reliable from entry level to enterprise

Admin access to Kubernetes

Run Cloud Native applications with confidence

Deploying Kubernetes and running cloud native applications can be complicated. It can be especially complicated in your own IT infrastructure designed for virtual machines. Datalounges has made it easy and quick for you to get started with containerization. Automated deployment gets you a container orchestration platform with networking enabled, persistent volumes available and administrator access ready quickly and without having to become a Kubernetes expert.

Kubernetes clusters at Datalounges are a cost effective and reliable way of testing your solution before going to production or an easy way to start working on moving your applications to become containerized micro services.

Cost effective Kubernetes clusters

Kubernetes cluster deployment pricing depends on your capacity and use case. 

A number of management nodes are always needed for a Kubernetes cluster to be deployed, and depending on the requirements you may choose the number of compute nodes you need to run your workloads. Your pricing also depends on the amount and size of volumes you need.

Experts at sales@datalounges have the right questions for you to get you a monthly subscription price for your Kubernetes cluster.

Tuuli Managed Kubernetes

Tuuli Managed Kubernetes is a solution to run containerized applications on Kubernetes platform in Datalounges Tuuli Cloud. Kubernetes control plane and Kubernetes nodes run as virtual machines in Datalounges Openstack Cloud creating a robust platform for Cloud Native applications. 

Customers can get access to Kuberntes by either providing Datalounges information about the specifications of the desired cluster so that it can be set up or by using the Tuuli Cloud self service interface and having Datalounges provide access to pre-prepared Kubernetes components as virtual machines. The latter will provide customers with an option to create their own pop-up clusters and manage their container infrastructure.

Kubernetes support and consulting to set up possible special requirements is available from Datalounges as consulting and tools and technologies that Datalounges uses to manage it’s own Kubernetes based services are available for CI/CD, monitoring and log management, development tools, provisioning from web gui, private registries and more. 

Persistent volumes are created in the Datalounges infrastructure and can also be flexibly managed either by the customer or by Datalounges experts.

The infrastructure is monitored by R4DAR and customers subscribing to Tuuli Managed Kubernetes will get access to R4DAR monitoring to stay in control of the delivered cloud native applications.

Tuuli Managed Kubernetes is attractively priced to be a competitive complement to customers looking to test and run containerized workloads in an orchestrated container environment.

Kubernetes technology made easy

Tuuli Managed Kubernetes is based on an enterprise Kubernetes distribution with all the benefits for a powerful platform designed to run your containerized infrastructure.

Quick setup is automated to install the vendor recommended deployment scenario and deploys a highly available cluster and management nodes.

Some of the functionality of Tuuli Managed Kubernetes

  • Root access to your cluster provided so that you can have full control of your infrastructure. 
  • Ingress with lets encrypt is set up by default enabled
  • Storage class is enabled
  • Persistent volume provisioning is allowed
  • Cluster network isolation is available
  • RBAC is enabled by default
  • Log Management and monitoring is provided by R4DAR
  • Openstacks Load Balancer is available
  • Load balancer is available

One pager

If you are looking for a specific functionality to be available, please ping the team at support@datalounges.com to get help.

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