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Tuuli Web and Cloud -hosting

Tuuli Cloud is a high performance Infrastructure as a Service Private Cloud with an easy to use self service interface where you can run and maintain your infrastructure the way you want. Tuuli Cloud also includes a powerful web hosting service with options for a horizontally scalable and containerized deployment or a reliable virtual machine with WordPress.

Tuuli Cloud -service includes options to run your IT in self service Data Centers in Finland, in Public Clouds or in a Hybrid Model to get the best of both worlds.

Self Service Private Cloud

Root Console Access

Cost Effective, High Performance Services

Tuuli Cloud gives you full control of your infrastructure and IT services

Datalounges Tuuli Cloud is a reliable private cloud – as a service. At Tuuli you can get the full power of OpenStack with complete control how to set your infrastructure or run smoothly as a service and let Datalounges experts take care of your workloads.

To give you the full flexibility of modern infrastructure solutions, Tuuli Cloud service portfolio includes on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud options for your workloads. At a highly reliable and secure datacenter service, Tuuli Web and Cloud hosting will run your workloads cost effectively.

Datalounges Tuuli Cloud is a service that lets you fully manage your own infrastructure with administrator or root access and capability to build your own network and storage services or put your services in the Public Cloud with backups and disaster recovery prepared on premise at Datalounges. Tuuli Web Hosting is a service tailored and optimized to run web applications and sites. 

All services are monitored and managed with Datalounges R4DAR to give you the full, single pane of glass view of your services with intuitive visualization and views tailored for your business needs.

How to buy the Tuuli Web and Cloud -hosting services

At Tuuli Web and Cloud services you only pay for what you use. Pricing is competitive with Public Cloud vendors but with access to infrastructure, gives you significantly more flexibility to tune and run your business.

Please request for the monthly updated price list from

Pricing includes

  • Onboarding services for customers who prefer to do their own infrastructure management at Tuuli Cloud
  • Hosting customer support services for custom virtual machines and services
  • Monthly cost for virtual machines
  • Monthly cost for storage
  • Networking costs


Please contact the Datalounges team for pay per use pricing of your IT services or to discuss how Data Lounges can maintain and manage your IT services in Public Cloud.

Tuuli Cloud is an offering that consists of three solution that can be combined or selected as individual solutions

Tuuli Cloud Hosting

Tuuli Cloud is our Openstack Cloud located in multiple Datacenters in Europe. With Tuuli Cloud Datalounges sets you up in charge of your infrastructure with more control than in Public Cloud services but still with support from Datalounges experts managing the infrastructure. You will be able to control, create and manage

  • Networks
  • Storage
  • Console
  • Instances


with the OpenStack Self Service interface. Data will remain in European Union and treated in a compliant manner. 

Monitoring, log management, alerting and metrics collection is provided by Datalounges R4DAR which offers powerful visualizations to collect and store information about the infrastructure.

Tuuli Web Hosting

Is a special use case of Tuuli Cloud for customers who are not looking to worry about the infrastructure, but prefer to run the web applications easily and securely.

Datalounges offers an option to either build a WordPress virtual machine managed and monitored by Datalounges with options for high availability, backup and disaster recovery OR set up a modernized micro service environment based on containers with integrated versioning, CI/CD and vulnerability scanning for an agile web application development and deployment.

Tuuli Web Hosting has R4DAR monitoring and logging for visualizations tailored to support web applications and developers working with such environments.

Tuuli Public Cloud Hosting

For customers looking to run applications in Public Cloud or in a Hybrid Cloud scenario, Datalounges provides additional support and services. 

With Tuuli Public Cloud hosting Datalounges takes over server management in Public Cloud and connects your servers to R4DAR SaaS service. For companies with workloads only in the Cloud this allows for compliance and control of the Public Cloud workloads when Datalounges takes care of patching, configuration management, monitoring and log management of Public Cloud workloads.

Cloud Technology Platform and Services

When you can look at Openstack and our Infrastructure as all the pieces you need to build a network of computers, without having to actually build them. Everything is done intuitively and through a web interface.

Openstack is certified as a platform for Windows servers, Linux servers and Container Orchestration.  Our Storage backend is based on Ceph / SUSE Enterprise Storage and is self healing / triple copied in order to ensure no data loss. We also offer full S3 access to all our customers with manageability.

Features available for Tuuli Cloud customers

  • Openstack dashboard to see the services
  • Secure logins (SSH Keys)
  • Many Operating Systems to choose from, including older ones
  • Amazon EC2 compatible
  • SSDs are used throughout our Hypervisors
  • Support for Secret Management and Encrypted Volumes

Furthermore, we have a Console tab. This contains a link to the root console, like a direct monitor connection. This is where you can access the machine directly for direct configuration management.

Datalounges offers a broad selection of Linux and Windows based operating systems, but will also as a paid extra service  include any technically supported operating system and customize it for hosting in an Openstack Cloud.

A Flavor is defined as a quasi hardware blue-print. This specifies the amount of Memory and CPUs that an instance will have. We have a comprehensive list of flavors which caters most needs and provides flexible sizes. If our standard flavors require tuning for your specific requirements Datalounges will customize the flavours as a paid service.

Please refer to instructions in How to Buy for a selection of available flavours and their pricing.

Flavours and services for hosting

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