Choose the best SUSE subscriptions for your needs.

Are you sure you have the correct subscriptions? Are you sure you are on the right buying program? Datalounges have many years of experience with assisting customers with SUSE subscriptions. Read more or contact us for information.

SUSE Subscriptions comes in two different flavors depending on your needs. These flavors are referred to as Standard and Priority. The main difference between these two is support availability and response time. Priority gives you access to support 24/7 and are recommended for production and business-critical environments. Standard subscriptions are the perfect choice for non-production and test environments.

SUSE offers several buying programs, there are direct purchase programs and purchase programs where a reseller is involved. In addition, pricing varies depending on if it is Academic, Business, Governmental or Non-profit.

Do you plan to run your SUSE solutions in the cloud? Do not worry – you can purchase subscriptions from the major public cloud providers or Bring Your Own Subscriptions (BYOS). And finally, there is a buying program for hosting providers!

Again, Datalounges has the experience and knowledge of these different programs and can steer you in the right direction!

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