SAP Infrastructure Services

SAP is one of the world’s leading software systems dedicated to the management of business processes and for over 20 years, the SAP-SUSE strategic alliance has delivered innovative business-critical solutions on open-source platforms, enabling organizations to improve operations, anticipate requirements and become industry leaders.

Consultants from Datalounges have more than 20 years of experience in assisting customers with their infrastructure for SAP. Based on our experience we have created three workshops that helps customers with current SAP infrastructure challenges:

  • How do you migrate SAP to the cloud?
  • How do you move to SAP HANA?
  • How do you increase availability and create a plan for disaster recovery of SAP systems?

Whatch Seppo’s comments to the October 2021 SUSE Round Up on SAP Cloud Migration.

For the whole 1.5 hour SUSE Round Up go to this link

This workshop is for customers who are considering moving their SAP workloads to the cloud. The workshop consists of three parts:

  1. Discovery of the current environment
  2. Analyze the data gathered
  3. Outcome is a “Cloud Readiness Assessment Report”

During the assessment the following will be investigated:

  • Sizing the SAP infrastructure for Public Cloud
  • Upgrade and update planning for the infrastructure
  • Data migration considerations
  • Integrations inventory with other systems
  • Printing and services from Public Cloud to the end users
  • SAP landscape planning
  • Availability planning and disaster recovery readiness 

SAP S/4HANA solutions offer a powerful path to increased efficiency and better business intelligence. This workshop is for customers who haven’t moved to HANA yet. The workshop is divided into these parts:

  1. Plan path how to migrate or upgrade current SAP version for a move to HANA
  2. Required SAP version upgrades from current version, to support HANA
  3. Database migration planning and infrastructure concerns before moving to HANA
  4. Infrastructure migration or upgrade to support HANA
  5. Testing for HANA/SAP/Infrastructure for full supportability
  6. HANA migration plan and testing support with validation

Outcome is a path plan, how a customer can move to HANA “Path to HANA”. 

The workshop can be per SAP Landscape or all SAP Landscapes, depending on customer’s choice. 

Unplanned outages and manual failover processes are disruptive, labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly.  They can shut down production lines, abort transactions or even bring your core business to a standstill, impacting your productivity, revenues, and reputation.  An outage is likely to increase costs and puts more pressure on the IT staff, restricting your ability to deliver innovative services and solutions.

This workshop aims to create a SAP infrastructure that insures High Availability (HA) and assists with Disaster Recovery (D/R).

The workshop is divided into these parts:

  1. Business continuity planning and testing with the customer
  2. D/R and High Availability planning to meet the recovery objectives
  3. Support and verification for customers who use third party service providers
  4. SLES HA Extension planning, deployment, testing and verification
  5. Step by Step recovery plan creation, verification, and testing
  6. Outcome is a “HA D/R plan” and a customer signed “HA testing report”


The HA testing will be done with the customer and the testing outcome will be signed by the customer. Tests are recommended to be repeated in regular intervals like yearly.

Kimi Aaltonen Datalounges Managing Director

Kim Aaltonen
Managing Director

Ivar Lyse Datalounges Norway Country manager

Ivar Lyse

Country Manager

Seppo Lohi

Senior Consultant