Looking for something to get your hybrid multi-cloud under control? R4DAR is what you’ve been looking for! It will collect your containerized applications in any Kubernetes, virtual machines across Public and Private Clouds and your Ceph Storage and visualize everything into a customizable single pane of glass view of the infrastructure.

R4DAR collects logs, metrics, monitores data and visualizes everything intuitively. Available as Software as a Service for or on premise.

Collect log data and metrics from any environment

Visualize the Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Analyze data from container deployments

Get your Clouds under control

Modern infrastructures tend to become complex, more complex than ever before with a multitude of Public and Private Clouds as options and form factors from containers to physical servers. R4DAR collects logs, monitoring data and metrics and  visualizes what happens in the distributed infrastructure.

For born in the cloud companies it is the SaaS platform that gets the needed logs and monitoring data away from the managed environments, for organizations looking to use containers it will visualize the container usage and show light into automated CI/CD pipelines. If you are just moving to Cloud, R4DAR helps you collect data from virtual machines and Public Cloud API’s and pass it forward to your enterprise monitoring or SIEM. 

R4DAR is the tool of choice for cloud native application monitoring with the flexibility to complement your container infrastructure and stay on top of container adoption.

R4DAR is available as SaaS or on-premise

R4DAR is available as a Software as a Service offering and as an on premise deployment. 

Pricing consists of a possible onboarding service during which visualizations are designed to match the requirements, integrations to existing enterprise tools are designed and agents are delivered to existing systems.

R4DAR is counted per managed virtual machine or physical server. For Kubernetes pricing depends on the amount of managed compute nodes. 

Please contact sales@datalounges.com for more information about pricing.

R4DAR log management and monitoring

R4DAR is a service that uses open source technologies to create a highly scalable platform that collects log data, metrics and monitoring data. Data is delivered to the centralized R4DAR service for data management and archiving. The centralized R4DAR service can be the SaaS service available from Datalounges or an on-premise delivery to a virtualization environment at customers private cloud.

R4DAR functionality is distributed to modules for different prepared use cases. 

R4DAR for Storage

  • Run industry standard test for Ceph clusters to analyzer performance and trends in performance 
  • Tests include object read and write and block read and write, IOP read and write and performance
  • You compare data with other clusters you have ran the test against or different versions of your cluster
  • Easy to use interface

R4DAR for Systems

  • Monitoring for any kind of system where the monitoring agent can be installed.
  • Common Linux and Windows servers are supported
  • Collects logs and archives them
  • Visualized monitoring data and log data
  • Provides alerting for events
  • Collects usage metrics that can be used to measure cost

R4DAR for Kubernetes

  • Containers, nodes, logs and container logs can be collected
  • Monitoring data can be gathered from
  • Private and Public Clouds
  • Containers capacity usage can be tracked across compute nodes and the amount of containers can be monitored
  • All container logs are collected and archived

R4DAR for Websites

  • Track site traffic and uniques visitors
  • Collect logs and web trends
  • Analyze performance of the websites
  • Monitor the website infrastructure

R4DAR technology

R4DAR is based on industry leading open source technologies. It consists of an agent that does the data collection or a container that acts as an agent for Kubernetes environments

Visualization engine is highly customizable and allows drilling down to data and creation of multi-tenant views for different organizations or users profiles.

Most Linux, Windows and Kubernetes environments are supported by R4DAR. Logs are collected and archived by R4DAR, but kept separate. The system is multi-tenant allowing for access and review of logs and monitoring data per tenant.

Please check in with sales@datalounges.com for more information and a technology briefing of R4DAR technology.

R4DAR log management and monitoring

R4dar technical description


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R4DAR for storage

R4DAR for Storage provides monitoring, analysis and management for the next generation of data center storage services. More specifically it is a testing and benchmarking solution for Ceph clusters. R4DAR for Storage complements Ceph management tools provided by vendors and the Open Source community to help manage and benchmark Ceph clusters across their lifecycle and growth.

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