KIUBIT Platform

Kiubit Platform is an enterprise Grade Kubernetes distribution you can deploy to any private or public cloud with enterprise support to back it up. It is based on an Enterprise Kubernetes platform to provide access to updates and maintenance of the platform. Datalounges has prepared the Kiubit platform to run your cloud native applications securely and reliably.

Easy deployment of on-premise Kubernetes capacity

Enterprise Support Available for advanced use cases

Platform of choice for Cloud Native applications

Enterprise Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a solution of choice to run your cloud native applications. Rich in functionality but complicated to deploy and maintain. Datalounges has prepared an enterprise grade Kubernetes distribution for easy deployment according to vendor specifications in your Public Cloud or Private Cloud of choice. 

Datalounges solutions run smoothly on Kiubit platform and if you are looking to get started with container orchestration capacity, Kiubit provides an excellent and cost effective choice for your Kubernetes capacity.

Kiubit Platform requires a deployment project to get started and has an option for an enterprise subscription to back up support for your critical workloads.

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A Kubernetes distribution provides a wide range of services to run containerized applications. Using and especially deploying Kubernetes can be a complicated process that requires experience with the technology. 

To build your cloud native application capacity in private or public cloud, Datalounges recommends use of an enterprise grade Kubernetes distribution that has vendor commitment and capacity to provide both support and maintenance for the selected platform. 

Kiubit Platform is such a technology, based on industry standards technologies with optional enterprise support. It provides flexible options for updates and maintenance and an automated best practices deployment

Run Cloud Natice applications with confidence, run with Kiubit Platform.

Kiubit Platform technology

Kiubit platform is available on bare metal, VMware infrastructure
AWS, Azure, Google, OpenStack, Oracle, Rackspace clouds

It has public cloud integration ready, storage services prepared and networking integrations available.

There is built-in high availability and private registry is available upon request
In place upgrades and automated scaling is possible so that you can deploy, scale and upgrade Kubernetes clusters across multiple physical or virtual machines

An option for long-term support, operations automation capabilities are available and it can be easily integrated with R4DAR monitoring and log collection.

Tuuli Managed Kubernetes is based on an enterprise Kubernetes distribution with all the benefits for a powerful platform designed to run your containerized infrastructure.

Some of the functionality of Kiubit Platform,

  • Root access to your cluster provided so that you can have full control of your infrastructure.
  • Ingress with lets encrypt is set up by default enabled
    Storage class is enabled
  • Persistent volume provisioning is allowed
  • Cluster network isolation is available
    RBAC is enabled by default
  • Log Management and monitoring is provided by R4DAR
    Load Balancer is available


If you are looking for a specific functionality to be available, please ping the team at to get help.

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