Datalounges and GDPR

Datalounges and the General Data Protection Regulation (short GDPR)

The GDPR is a set of rules and regulations by the European Union towards its member states regarding data privacy and protection of EU citizens.

The regulations are very strict and very privacy conscious which is a very good thing.

As a hosting Company we have also certain obligations and these are listed below.

First,  if we host your website and you have a webshop, your data is already GDPR compliant as we are the ones in charge of system security. If we have breach to our systems, we have to inform everyone.

There is an exception and that is if we clearly identified a threat and you refuse to update your pages or the breach was caused by code modified by you.


Second, if we host your virtual server and you expose it with open ports to the internet and do not patch it, it is your duty to inform us in order for us to make provisions in order to mitigate the threat.


Third, we have a nominated Data Protection Officer (DPO), whose name is Oskari Koivisto (Photo on the right 🙂 ) You can drop him a line/question with the form below.


Fourth, We do not store social security numbers in OUR systems as we are almost entire business to business and we do not do online personal data processing. All our systems are isolated so this does not affect us.


Fifth, we also do not store Credit Card information or personal details in our systems. But the information we DO store in databases, such as Kiubit’s user database, we store encrypted.


Sixth, All our own servers are SSL protected and non-password/Public Key accessible only.


This document will be updated as needed. You can Contact Oskari below:



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