Our Story

Datalounges was founded with the premise of making Cloud Infrastructure easily manageable and cost effective for anyone. Our main goal is to make small to medium businesses cloud ready or transition them into the cloud. one of our core goals is to provide Infrastructure services or consulting services without hidden costs anywhere, you get what you pay for, no need to think about fine print, we don’t have any. We don’t like fine print.
The cloud market is a very competitive market and in order to differentiate ourselves we actually did the one thing noone else does: Keep it simple.

Our consulting arm actually spawned out of helping customers either in transition or already in the cloud to manage their costs and features. We also are very picky about our staff, we all sell, do support and know the nitty gritty technical, and it will always stay that way. This way our customers ALWAYS get the best possible service.


Our timeline:



We are not the cheapest hosting provider, and we don’t intend to be, but we know our customers and work with them to make their cloud infrastructure not a bottleneck. We work with very large customers in building extreme environments and with very small customers helping them to understand what they need and what they can use. Pointless to sell someone something they don’t need or cannot use.

In every respect we are vendor neutral. We can manage either Azure, AWS , Openstack or VMWare and find the effective middle ground for you. WE also can do Redhat, SUSE , Ubuntu or Windows, again finding you the best middle ground for your operations.

In the end our success depends on your success!

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