Consulting Services

At Datalounges we are proud of our hands-on and real-world experience and are more than happy to share this with other companies. It is quite a difference to have someone advise you or work with you that has had real world experience in implementing a new technology compared to someone who may be new to it as well.

We do not take projects that we know we cannot 100% complete and provide a good experience for our customers.

Our consultants gain real world experience because we wear our own jewels. We host our own services in our cloud and in our Storage. This allows us to see problems or find solutions with real systems. We have an exact replica in our lab so we do not disturb the systems but we know exactly what will be impacted when something needs to be done and in learning this, we can assist our customers whenever they have a challenge or need in-depth advise.

Our team members are valued assets in some of the worlds largest companies.

If you would like to know what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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