Datalounges Cloud Help

Welcome to the Cloud Help. We try to make your introduction to OpenStack here as smooth and easy as possible. In order for you to use our Dashboard, obviously you need login credentials. If you don’t have any but are sure you have an account with us, please contact right away.

In short, however you can look at Openstack and our Infrastructure as all the pieces you need to build a network of computers, without having to actually build them. Everything is done intuitively and through a web interface. You will need a CPU, Some memory, a Harddrive, an Operating System and then going on to a Network connection and ultimately Internet access. We even give you advanced features such as automate that “assembly” or even build your own container infrastructure. All this is done in a matter of minutes with simple clicks. If you are unsure where to start, why not hop into the first section, the Dashboard and get familiar with the interface.

Now that you have read the basics for each section, lets build our first instance

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