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Security, everyone is very fond of it. Firewalling, everyone needs it and wants it and yet it seems a rocket science. Openstack and Datalounges Cloud has taken the pain out of firewalling.
Security groups are essentially specific  firwall rules that you apply to each virtual machine. To access them to to your dashboard and then to Compute -> Access and Security and then to tab Security Groups.

There will be a default group already. This default group has rules that allow all instance traffic to leave but nothing to come back in. So, essentially it means your instance can browse the internet but it cannot be accessed by anyone.
To allow access in, we will create 2 security groups. One for Web traffic and one for SSH remote shell access.
For that let create a Security Group call webtraffic, by clicking on CreateSecurity Group and giving it the name and clicking Create.
Next we will click on Manage Rules so we can add more rules to it.

Now we can Add rules to this by simply clicking Add Rule . In the resulting Screen select HTTP from the Rule Drop down and Remote leave CIDR (which is the IP addressing format) and in the acutal CIDR leave this allows anyone to access the webserver.

When you click on Add you will have created the first rule. Repeat the same for https so you can also server https traffic. Then create a new Security Group called SSH and add the rule for SSH into it. The result should look like this:

If you have this, then congratulations you have created 2 security groups which you can reuse to multiple machines without having to re-create them also any change to them will have an effect to any instance that they are applied to.

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