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    enterprise class hosting

    customer oriented software development

    Industry leading Linux and Windows Infrastructure maintenance

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    Datalounges, your maintenance partner

    Keeping your IT infrastructure up to date

    Single price per server, regardless of how long it takes

    Documentation and professionalism regarding your environment

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    Software Development taylored for you

    Backend devlopement for web-based applications. We specialize in makeing your application dynamic and fast

    Ask us about helping you succeed. On time, In budget, fully satisfied


about us

Datalounges, your Information Technology partner.

Who are we? We are a group passionate IT professionals that put the customer and customer service above all. With decades of experience in a multitude of global enterprises we have taken the pieces that we found missing in companies and processes and focused on delivering these to our customers.
What do we do? At Datalounges we have the concept of three lounges that we focus on and that we do well. We do not try to be a one basket shop for all the eggs and we feature some interesting benefits such as no bandwidth limit and no lock-in. If you want to have your virtual machines we will provide them for you, if you want to transfer your data out, we will help you with that too and if you want to bulk- enter data, you can send us the media and we will upload it for you directly.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Let professionals take care of your Server and network infrastructure and keep it up to date.

enterprise class hosting

Wether it is development, production or testing, we host your infrastructure on enterprise hard- and software and give you complete access.

IT Consulting

Need help with IT migrations or cannot keep up with moving trends? No problem, we are here to help.

software development

Professional Software developemt based on Ruby on Rails is hard to come by nowadays. We pride ourselves on being professional, on-time,on-budget and fast.

Enterprise Class Hosting

As part of our Core offering, our hosting platofmr offers averiety of features lacking with other providers. We also support any major modern Operating System (64bit) and deployment of a new machine is less than 1 minute. Orchestration allows you complex environmetns to be deployed in a matter of minutes.

monitoring (coming soon)

As the customer you would like to see whats going on on your machines. Thats why we show you the I/Os, CPU and RAM usage

Multi-copy Storage

Our Storage backend is based on Ceph / SUSE Enterprise Storage

and is self healing / tripple copied in order to ensure no data loss

Remote Connectivity Included

Every Customer gets a virtual VPN appliance assigned,

in order to connect seamlessly from your office to your environment.

Openstack Based platform

SUSE Cloud / Openstack is certified as a platform for Windows servers, Linux servers and even SAP.

Amazing dashboard

Access any part of your environment or Virtual Machines

including full root console!

Fast and effective support

You need help? we are here.

Something went wrong? No problem, we will help you get back running in no time!

Effective IT consulting

Datalounges offers unique and highly specialized consulting services. These services are provided by highly trained experts not trainees like some other consultants. Our experts are long-term and seasoned professionals that can hit the ground running very fast in your project(s). Contact us for more information.

taylored Software development

Our team of developers offers an effective workforce for your software development projects. Our strength lies in Ruby on Rails and especially in backend design and development. We emphasize our products especially on speed,responsiveness and reliability because, just like you, we don’t want to wait for slow reaction time. Our custom dashboard is built in-house and, for example, we have worked with large media outlets to build custom TV / Media software to analyse viewer experiences and ratings.

Want To Work With Us Then Feel Free To get in touch with us!

Infrastructure Maintenance

Maintenance is a drain on resources and we know this. It is costly because it has to be done off-hours and costly because you have to have experts that do it and pay them probably even overtime.
We are experts in multiple Operating System platforms so how about we do the work so that you can concentrate on using your staff productively

linux Maintenance

Any linux machines (HEL, SUSE, Ubuntu, Debian), update, upgrade or other maintenance.

Windows technologies

Any Windows Server technology (AD, Exchange, Sharepoint etc.)

Any Windows OS upgrade or large scale migrations included.

Openstack Maintenance

All components of Openstack Juno and later.

(Neutron, Cinder, Ceph, Nova and all their friends)


Server or desktop Infrastructure, repositories, licensing etc.

Apple Mac Os X

OS X server or Desktop maintenance and configuration,

including integration into other network technolgies

Ceph Distributed Storage

Implementation and design as well sd

performance tuning and stress testing. turnkey to production!

get in touch

We would love to hear from you abou inquireies or requests as well as feeedback, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, just drop us a line.


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